Monday, March 29, 2010

What to Post

I haven't posted for a week or two because I have so much going on that every time I sit down to write a post...  I have TOO many thoughts in my head.  haha I am learning on focusing on one thing at a time and I would like to share that info with you brides to be now.  
Since I have been feeling overwhelmed with the amount of tasks and decisions ahead, I have made a week by week list.  This way, when I feel overwhelmed I can look at that list and say "Don't worry about the favors this week, that is for the week of May 3rd."  I have to apologize to anyone who has gotten married before I was engaged.  I had NO idea how much planning goes into this stuff!  People don't give brides and grooms enough credit!  This is a full time job!  Maybe it is the designer in me, but I have so many ideas in my head that it actually can be a detriment to planning!   Don't get me wrong, it is fun planning it all.  It is just A LOT.  So I promise (to you and to myself) to post more, focus more, and ENJOY more!  This goes for all things in my life, not just weddings!  I definitely think that I am learning many life lessons through planning!  Haha Who knew!  Here is to the future!

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