Thursday, April 29, 2010

Welcome To New York

I found this post today on and got so excited!  This blog is always fantastic, but lately the guest posts from have been so helpful and creative!
I think this is exactly what should be in a New York Welcome Bag.  Don't you think that the New York Mag (or even a Time Out NY) is a great idea?  I also love putting in some N.Y. signature food, like a pretzel, apple or something made in N.Y.!  But, my favorite part of this idea is the NYC Map with personalized labels!

I think this makes it seem like a personal gift rather than a bag thrown together at the last minute.  This Welcome Bag is exactly how I like to give any gift I give.  Thoughtful, personal and quirky.  I'm a fan!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Check "Buy Ring Bowl" off the list!

When I set out to find the perfect ring bearer bowl/ pillow I knew it was going to be tricky!  I wanted it to be handmade and not traditional.  But other than that, I was quite open!  So when I found this bowl from Paloma's Nest .  I knew it was perfect.  When A proposed (in the most amazing way I could think of) one thing stuck out from all of the incredible things he said.  He said "I want to grow old with you."  So when we saw this ring bowl we both got so excited!  It says :
Grow Old Along With Me

Now, here is my concern.  Our ring bearer is the cutest 2 year old you have ever seen, but he probably won't be gentle with this piece of ceramic goodness.  He will probably pick up this delicate bowl of beauty and throw it on the ground.  So I have a solution.  We will take a cute stuffed animal, tie the rings around its neck.  Then the bowl can be kept as a keepsake and used for some pretty ring pics.  I love this bowl so much I want to keep it forever and ever!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I can't help it...

If the second movie is as good as the first.... I am SO there!

                       Image from Sex and the City 2

Image from Sex and the City.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Jessi Arrington threw a rainbow birthday party where she changed colors every hour!  She also made everyone who came dress in one color.  So creative!  Made for some great, graphic photos too!!!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Letters to my children that don't exist...

image from
Dear future child (in the far far future),

I promise that we will make blanket forts.  And couch forts.  And Teepees.  Whatever you want!

Your Future Mommy (who will hopefully be a really attractive older woman)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Is that Dana from the L word???

Why yes!  Yes it IS Dana from the L word.  She sure had a pretty wedding! always delivers!  I love weddings that are super intimate and personal.  

Also, aren't succulents, cockscomb and lotus pods such an interesting touch in flower arrangements?!  

I have to mention her incredible ring.  I am a little obsessed with this gorgeous ring!!!!

And to top it all off, they had MY FAVORITE type of dog in their wedding!  I don't have a flower girl so I might stick this little bugger in a tutu and make him walk down the aisle!!!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Satorialist is the best blog ever

This girl walked out of her house that morning and said "These shoes will totally be great for walking in Paris."


For never ending Fashion inspiration go to 

Monday, April 5, 2010

the little details

Late night etsy searching is dangerous!  I just had a late night, impulsive wedding purchase.  I bought this amazing handmade hanger for my wedding dress from lilafrances.  It's gotta hang on something right?!  Might as well be a really cool, personalized hanger!  I didn't want to put mrs. "insert future last name here" because I won't be married when I first put the dress on the hanger.  So I decided on our first names instead.  Now I need to add "buy wedding dress hanger" to a list so I can cross it off!

Friday, April 2, 2010

DIY Place Cards - Part 1 - The Idea

With the wedding officially 99 days away, it is time to kick some of these projects in my head into high gear.  To start: Escort Cards.  
 I just showed you this fabulous wedding.  Look how cool these escort cards are?  I am so inspired that I am going to attempt to do my first real wedding "DIY" project.  I am going to start with different black and white graphic prints and see where it takes me.  Hopefully, somewhere half as good as these babies. With paper found at stores like Paper Presentations and Michaels and wrapping paper I hope I have enough different kinds of paper!  Here they made a chart

Though I am not sure if this will be necessary for me.  I think if I can fit the name of the person and the table, then that should be enough no?  What do you think of this project?  
Oh! I forgot the best part.  Our florist is going to be doing something pretty fantastic involving big white gerber daisies with black centers.  That will add to the amazingness of the whole look!  Get excited folks!  I will keep you posted on the process!

Wedding Day to get some

I am officially obsessed with this wedding photographed by Tanja Lippert

This is everything I want my wedding to be.  Modern, sophisticated and graphic with a little bit of whimsy.  I love how confident the bride is in her style.  
Whenever I am designing a play, and an actress is not self confident in what she is wearing, I know right there.  She will not look good on stage.  It is the same thing with weddings.  You need to have your wedding style and you need to OWN it.  Self confidence is key in life.  Now, this is much easier said than done of course.  But I think we should all take a cue from this bold bride.  Because I gurantee you everyone fought her tooth and nail on anything she wanted to do that was different.  "Red shoes?!?!" they said.  "Short dress with a BIG head piece?!!?!"  They exclaimed!  And when they all saw how gorgeous this wedding was they all shut their mouths!  
So thank  you Style Me Pretty and Tanja Lippert and this gorgeous bride.  You have all inspired me to trust my instinct!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

A long long time from now...

One day I will have a baby.  And I hope that baby will have a nursery with stripes on the ceiling.
That is all I know.  Oh and that he or she will be a break dancer.  And be really, really cute.