Tuesday, December 22, 2009

If only it were spring

During this crazy snow we are having here in Connecticut, I would like to give a little spring inspiration.  Doesn't this photo just scream sunny, spring day .... in a fashionable sort of way. Something tells me I am going to be wearing a lot more winter coats and a lot less cute yellow dresses with grey belts in my near future...

Oh Penelope...

If the world was a high fashion, spanish runway at all times.. I would walk around like this... Oh, also I would like to look like Penelope without having to go to the gym or cut out cheese from my diet.  
Hmmm Since this is a black dress, and the shoes are purple.. I know its super short but couldn't I convince my bridesmaids that this is appropriate? haha 
I also must point out that she is wearing a fabulous cocktail ring.. sort of like the fabulous cocktail ring in a previous post...  
Penelope has some SERIOUS sex appeal.  I bet you she is this hot in PJs too.  

New Obsession

I can't help it... I LOVE Marc Jacobs.  I also am a little bit obsessed with this ring.  It just represents the most perfect fun, whimsical, fashionable cocktail ring.  AND, to make it even more fabulous... it has perfume inside it.  And it comes in a cute little pouch.  I obviously need a new perfume.. and I obviously need a new ring to compliment my new engagement bling don't you think???? ;)    LOVE THIS...

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

It's all about the styling...

Ok.. call it a guilty pleasure, call it New York/Upper East Side nostalgia but I love Gossip Girl fashion.  Ever since a good friend of mine (Thanks Kel!) got me hooked, the costume designer in me can not get enough of the clothes on this show.  The first image is from the fantastic designer Lorick and since the show aired in Season 1 this designer has blown up.  It takes more than just a great dress to complete a look.  It's the styling, each accessory, the makeup, that really makes this show the new Sex and the City... for a younger audience of course...  

Hmmm all of these looks would make great bridesmaids dresses too.  

Oh Chuck Bass... 

Ok!  Ok!  My teeny bopper moment is over... back to reality.

Save the Dates

Save the Dates are a fun way to say 

We are getting married!  Don't forget to put this date in your calendar for our wedding!

Here is one of my all time favorite save the dates!  I found it on http://bklynbrideonline.com/  Enjoy!!


Oh! So you want to see more engagement shots!?



Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Engagement Shots are in!

I have to take a minute to gush about our wedding photographer.  Not only in Barnaby Draper one of the most talented photographers I have seen, but he also happens to be a lovely human being!  He was so much fun to shoot with.  He made Andrew and I feel so comfortable as we went around the meatpacking district to take our engagement pictures.  He really was able to capture the love that Andrew and I have for each other as well as our love for our favorite city.  Here are a few of my favorites. 

To see more of Barnaby's incredible work go to http://barnabydraperstudios.com/

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The short wedding dress

These images from the talented photographer Ashley Rose made me smile.  I love love love the idea of wearing a fantastic pair of shoes in a different color.  But I really like the idea of actually being able to see those fabulous wedding shoes!  I already have my beautiful dress, but, in another circumstance I would be all over it!  Maybe a dress like this one from Sarah Seven

Hmm this could be worn to a rehearsal dinner couldn't it???

I also can not get enough of what this Manhattan bride did!

I mean.. it's Oscar de la Renta people...  This wedding also happens to be at a gorgeous hotel in NYC.  The Gramercy Park Hotel,  Love it!  As if wearing a short dress wasn't different enough, she changed into a hot little red number.  Totally stunning.  This was found on one of my fav blogs http://bklynbrideonline.com/

I don't think I could do it.. pay that much for a dress and only wear it for half an hour and then change... but I admire those women who do!!!! =)

Monday, December 7, 2009

A Jew who loves Christmas time and isn't afraid to rant about it!

Back story... I have grown up celebrating Hannukah and Christmas.  I am jewish and had a bat mitzvah, but I also celebrate the traditions of Christmas with my mother who is not Jewish.  Since I grew up celebrating both, I think that is why I love this time of year so much.    I would like to take this holiday cheer and bath in it for approximately 6 months.  Ugh, I love it!  And this year... in our new home...we have a fire place!!!  I mean, really?  What says Holiday Cheer like a fireplace?  NOTHING!  What brought on this sudden burst of excitement for the holidays you ask?  Well maybe it is because we picked up our Christmas tree todayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!  I am stating here, that my favorite smell of all time is the smell of a Christmas tree.  I must say though, that we do not have a Christmas tree at the moment, we actually have a Hannukah bush!  A lovely melding of two holidays, the Hannukah bush is a Christmas tree decorating with blue, white and silver.  Holiday excitement is in full effect, which means if you are looking for me, you can find me 
1) Holiday Shopping
2) Making a Holiday Feast
3) Spinning a Dreidel
4) Singing about Reindeer
5) Hanging out with my friends in the above picture at Macy's (The lovely Elf on your left is a Bridesmaids in the wedding.. maybe she could just wear that costume down the isle.. done and done)

Now.. onto the bridesmaids...

Now that I have my dress... it is time to focus on one of my favorite parts of wedding planning... THE BRIDESMAIDS DRESSES!  I have many opinions on bridesmaids dresses.  I don't understand why they have to all be so HIDEOUS!?!  For some reason, if you are a bridesmaid you are supposed to wear a polyester, hot pink dress.  In my opinion, it is a huge honor to be asked to be a bridesmaid in someone's wedding, and as the bride you should want them to look fantastic.  
Now that I am on the hunt for the perfect bridesmaid's dress I see the challenge that they pose.  Your want to love it yourself, but you also want all of your bridesmaids to love it too.  

The criteria for the bridesmaids dresses... 

1) Chic cocktail dress 
2) I must love it
3) They must love it and feel confident in it (I know... this is a hard task.  But I consider myself a good friend.  Also, I know I will be in a few of their weddings and hope they will repay the favor!)
4) It must be black, purple or gray.  I have not decided what color I want them to be in.  But, I do know it will be one of those three
5) It can be either one dress that looks great on all of their body types, or the same color and fabric but different styles.

I was thinking something along the lines of this...

Haha!  Gotcha!  

In all seriousness I have been on the search!  If anyone has any ideas they are much appreciated!

I originally wanted grey chiffon dresses.  But, now that I am starting to imagine what the wedding might actually turn into.  I have changed my mind.  Now I want them to be cocktail dresses that are really cute and chic.  I think in this post I have mentioned the words cute and chic 20 times!   
I found this fantastic new bridesmaids designer the other day.  

Look how fantastic this is??

I love the sweetheart neckline and the styling is so different.  I am using this as inspiration!  That is why black is back in the running.  I like the idea of 5 different little black dresses that really look great.  Hmmm... The search continues...