Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Weirdly obsessed with honeymoon attire

Here is the deal.  My brain works like this:

"You are going on a honeymoon therefore you must wear nautical items."

Now, I know you are probably thinking "Your brain is looney!" but I really do think there is an explanation.  When I think honeymoon, I think of a few things.  I think cruise wear, navy and white, straw hat, big sunglasses, sophisticated dresses and lots of stripes.  Nautical stripes.  I know it is seriously weird and doesn't really explain anything.  Especially because I have never been on a cruise, and I am not going on one for my honeymoon.
Also, I had no idea (when I started planning a wedding) what I wanted to wear for it.  But, I know exactly what I want to wear for my honeymoon.  That is so bizarre!!!
This has recently become a problem when I am shopping.  For anything... really doesn't matter.  Could be pillow cases or a dress either way I walk right by what I am supposed to be buying and head right to the white linen blazer and say "This would be great for my honeymoon!"  I don't buy it though, I just like to admire it's honeymoon capabilities and dream about being in Italy.
Enough about my crazy, rambling, honeymoon brain and now onto some examples!

These earrings are pretty awesome and scream nautical!  I know... I know.. I've lost my mind.  But aren't they cute!  I found them on http://www.oldsoulnewheart.com/product/sailing-beauty 

Hi cute striped dress with great sailing possiblities!  I believe my wonderful friend Sarah has this dress... I wonder if she wore it on her honeymoon...

Look how much fun she is having on her honeymoon! 

I digress... this could go on for hours.  But I will say it is pretty fun to think about how relaxed I will be in 2 months whether I am wearing navy and white or not!

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  1. ah! that is my dress! I did not wear it on my honeymoon, but it is cute, isn't it?? Maybe I'll wear it in Europe on our "second" honeymoon??