Friday, August 13, 2010

Our wedding in a nutshell...

It has been about a month since our wedding.  And I must say, it actually was worth all the planning and stress!  Who knew?!  I have a word of advice to all of you planning brides out there.  No matter what, it is going to be incredible.  So have faith in that ok?
Since I never thought about what I wanted my wedding to be until I became engaged, I found the wedding planning process a bit daunting in the beginning.  But I threw myself in, head first, and I actually really enjoyed it.  Don't get me wrong, I certainly had my fair share of family drama, as do most brides and grooms.  But as for the actual design and planning of the wedding.  The designer in me sort of thrived in it.
If you would have asked me the week before our wedding if I loved planning it, I would have said "Absolutely not."  But once you see your vision come to life, and you are about to marry your soul mate.  It makes the day literally perfection.  Even if stuff goes wrong (and inevitably something will) it is still total and complete PERFECTION.  My wedding day took my expectations and blasted them into the New York Harbor.  It was so beyond what I thought it ever could be.  I knew it would be amazing... and that I would be happy.  What I did not know, is that it would be the best day of my life thus far.  Seriously folks, enough gushing.  Here are a few fav pics for you to enjoy.

All of these photos were taken by the incomparable Barnaby Draper Studios.


My bridesmaids are the some of the most amazing women I know.  They were so attentive (as can be seen in this picture) and incredible that day.  And they all looked like super models to boot.  I am one lucky lady.

We didn't just enjoy our ceremony.  We ENJOYED our ceremony.
And last but not least... our awesome Bridal Party.


  1. Your wedding was nothing short of amazing... congrats!