Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The short wedding dress

These images from the talented photographer Ashley Rose made me smile.  I love love love the idea of wearing a fantastic pair of shoes in a different color.  But I really like the idea of actually being able to see those fabulous wedding shoes!  I already have my beautiful dress, but, in another circumstance I would be all over it!  Maybe a dress like this one from Sarah Seven

Hmm this could be worn to a rehearsal dinner couldn't it???

I also can not get enough of what this Manhattan bride did!

I mean.. it's Oscar de la Renta people...  This wedding also happens to be at a gorgeous hotel in NYC.  The Gramercy Park Hotel,  Love it!  As if wearing a short dress wasn't different enough, she changed into a hot little red number.  Totally stunning.  This was found on one of my fav blogs http://bklynbrideonline.com/

I don't think I could do it.. pay that much for a dress and only wear it for half an hour and then change... but I admire those women who do!!!! =)

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