Tuesday, December 15, 2009

It's all about the styling...

Ok.. call it a guilty pleasure, call it New York/Upper East Side nostalgia but I love Gossip Girl fashion.  Ever since a good friend of mine (Thanks Kel!) got me hooked, the costume designer in me can not get enough of the clothes on this show.  The first image is from the fantastic designer Lorick and since the show aired in Season 1 this designer has blown up.  It takes more than just a great dress to complete a look.  It's the styling, each accessory, the makeup, that really makes this show the new Sex and the City... for a younger audience of course...  

Hmmm all of these looks would make great bridesmaids dresses too.  

Oh Chuck Bass... 

Ok!  Ok!  My teeny bopper moment is over... back to reality.


  1. i totally agree- love the fashion - and you can always take some inspiration and fit it into real life fashion!

  2. I once had a boyfriend that looked just like Chuck Bass... it was funsies. PS- LOVE this blog.

  3. Haha that IS funsies! Thanks for the blog compliment love!