Thursday, April 29, 2010

Welcome To New York

I found this post today on and got so excited!  This blog is always fantastic, but lately the guest posts from have been so helpful and creative!
I think this is exactly what should be in a New York Welcome Bag.  Don't you think that the New York Mag (or even a Time Out NY) is a great idea?  I also love putting in some N.Y. signature food, like a pretzel, apple or something made in N.Y.!  But, my favorite part of this idea is the NYC Map with personalized labels!

I think this makes it seem like a personal gift rather than a bag thrown together at the last minute.  This Welcome Bag is exactly how I like to give any gift I give.  Thoughtful, personal and quirky.  I'm a fan!


  1. Check out Sara's Gracious Goodies for more NY items you may like!

  2. I love this idea. I wanted to make an NYC theme, but uh - we ended up in CT, Hah! Last April friends of mine had b&w cookies as favors and the table #'s looked like subway lines - so cool!

  3. Thanks! Yea I think it's really cool too! I love that idea of black and white cookie favors!