Thursday, November 19, 2009

Gorgeous Rustic Wedding

So, I have sort of been obsessed with this one wedding dress.  It is a Christos Gown and the style is Julianna.  I love the fabric detail at the top matched with the romantic tulle skirt.  It is not in my budget but a girl can ogle can't she?  The one thing I always said about the dress was "I wish it was strapless".  Well this beautiful bride did just that!  I can't get enough of her impeccable style and wedding glow.  I hope I can look this gorgeous in my wedding photos!  Once you see this dress you will totally understand my obsession!  I found this wedding on my favorite wedding blog
Everyone should go there who is planning a wedding.  It is truly an incredible resource and inspiration.  These photos also happen to be from Tec Petaja again!  Wow, I didn't realize how much I loved all of their photos!  Her belt is from J Crew and I love the pale peach color.  I almost used that color as one of my wedding colors.  Maybe I should rethink things a bit and add an element of peach in my bouquet.... hmm lots to think about.  Again, love everything about this wedding dress and this bride!  The Groom also happens to look fantastic in his three piece suit.  I just might have to go convince my loving fiance to go that route as well.

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