Friday, November 20, 2009

I went to Kleinfeld and "Said Yes to the Dress!"

Yup!  That's me and my beautiful mom after buying my wedding dress at Kleinfeld!
I was very nervous about the idea of going to Kleinfeld.  My mom and I watch the show religiously and it looks very hectic.  I am not the kind of bride who can go to one of those crazy sales and trample over other people to find the best deal.  Maybe for a pair of new heels... but not for a wedding dress.  I need to be in a stress free situation.  So I started my search elsewhere.  One of my first stops was Priscilla of Boston.  Which was fantastic, but we didn't have such a great consultant and even though I loved one of the dresses I found there, I wasn't ready to commit.  I then went to a few more stores and ultimately realized that I was PICKY.  I am a costume designer, which means I know fabric and I know details.  So I needed something that would meet my criteria.  What was my criteria you ask?  Well, I will tell you.

2) Flowy yet structured.  This sounds complicated, but ultimately, I wanted a chiffon or organza dress that had a lot of movement but that still gave me a fantastic shape
3) I didn't want to be Cinderella Barbie.  It is totally cool if you want to be that.... It is just not me.
4) I wanted something a little different, but still chic and modern

SEE!  I told you I was picky!  But, in the end I decided I had to go to the store with the most amount of dresses in the world.  Kleinfeld.  

Our experience was phenomenal and I ended up totally having that moment when I looked in the mirror and pictured myself walking down the isle in MY dress.  Do not underestimate that moment people.  Even for someone like me, who never thought about what her wedding would look like until it happened.  Even for me, that moment was pretty magical.  I cried, my mom cried, then two of my bridesmaids cried.... then another bridesmaid who was also there handed us all tissues.  It was priceless.  
We did not have a consultant who was on the show, but she was very attentive and she listened.  The customer service there is incredible.  There is a reason they are successful. 

Ok.. so I am VERY sorry to not post the dress on here.  But I really don't want my fiance to see it.  And trust me folks.  He will if I post it.  I have very bad luck with these things!  But I will put a few pictures up of dresses that I liked so you can get an idea.  And in 8 months you will get to see a pretty gorgeous dress!!!

This first dress is Romona Keveza and it is so beautiful.  Don't you love the sweetheart neckline and the tulle skirt.. hmmm this looks a lot like the Christos Gown I spoke about in a previous post.  Funny how this was not the silhouette I ended up with!

Oh Monique... how I love thee.  I love love love almost anything Monique Lhuillier does.  Please, if you don't believe me .. go here
I mean really she can do very little wrong.  This model also happens to be gorgeous.  This dress is a much slimmer silhouette, but still flattering and flowy.  See what I mean?

In the end.. I bought a wedding dress!  There at plenty of dresses that I loved and that looked good on me.  But, when it comes down to it.  There is only going to be one wedding dress.  Well... unless you have a different dress for the reception.  But that is a whole different post!

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