Friday, November 20, 2009

I want to be Giselle...

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Now that I have bought my dress (whoo hoo!)  I have started to think about what kind of hair I would like for my wedding.  I am often saying in life "I want to look like a Victoria's Secret Supermodel."  I know, I know so does everyone.  But really, I think what makes them so hot has a lot to do with the hair.  Ok, and maybe their incredible bodies too.  But the hair is so glamorous!  

So I was pretty sold on having my hair long and wavy when I became practical...

I am getting married in July and I have frizzy hair!!!  Also, I will probably have to get extensions for this look.  Which doesn't seem very practical either.  I would like to say, that I am a VERY practical person.  I am always that person who is the voice of reason.   I mean, I am the annoying friend who says "Ok, I know this sounds like fun, BUT..."  So does this mean that I should take the practical route and do an updo?  Maybe a modern updo that is still modern, glamorous and wavy?  

I just don't know the answer folks.  There will be more on this topic I am sure of it...

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  1. Its your weedding. Just do something beautiful and forget about practical