Monday, January 25, 2010

Sleep Talking Man

"You are not into this jungle... you want OUT"  

My fiance has a tendency to talk in his sleep.  He is constantly making me laugh with what comes out of his sleepy mouth!  As I lie awake at night trying to fall asleep, I almost always hear him mumbling something worth hearing!  He also laughs a lot in his sleep.  I find all of this so endearing that I want to just wake him up right there and tell him what he has said!  But instead, I am sneaky.  I try to egg him on to make sure I have gotten all of the story out of him!  This game is quite amusing no matter what time of night.  My favorite thing he has ever said was after we had watched an episode of "Jon and Kate Plus 8".  He had fallen asleep right after the episode and in his sleep he said "No thank you.  Way too many kids."  I mean how funny is that?!  I have to remind myself to keep a notebook by my bed, because sometimes I forget the brilliant sayings that happen in the middle of the night and I don't want to forget any of these gems!  

I recently came across this blog

This woman was so smart!  This blog has now made the news and has a huge following!  They even sell t shirts with his sayings on it!  How funny!  

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  1. omg girl, alessia and i found this a few weeks ago we were DYING at work. that site is brilliant!