Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wedding Wednesday!

So I have decided to devote different days to different subjects!  For example, WEDDING WEDNESDAY! I know, I know it's pretty exciting... wait until you see what Friday is going to be!  For my first Wedding Wednesday post I would like to talk about a little thing called the veil.  I have gone back and forth about veils for a long time.  I originally thought I didn't want one.  But then I saw my beautiful fiancé's sad face.  Ohhhhhh Sad Sad Panda....

I have no idea where I found this picture so if I need to site this source please let me know!

Also, when I was trying on wedding dresses, the veil always added an extra sense of "I am a BRIDE" opposed to "I am going to a red carpet event in white".  So I began to rethink the veil.  I am still not a fan of huge veils that overpower.  To me they look very dated.  But I find most traditions in weddings to be pretty dated.  
Which brings me to the birdcage veil.  I love love love the birdcage veil.  It's modern, but vintage at the same time.  Just my style!  Modern + Vintage = ME 
 But to take the birdcage to the next level, I think I am going to go with a veil that is in a tulle opposed to open net because it will complement my dress more.  And wait until you see the dress! I know, the suspense is killing you!  So I am thinking about going with a veil like this pretty lady.  

This is from Sara Gabriel.  Isn't it pretty?  I like that it is still dramatic and elegant without being very long.  Hopefully with a veil like this one, there will be no more sad panda face.

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